Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day!

Yes, I give my kids Valentines gifts.  I think my momma thinks it is a bit much, but I simply cannot help myself.  I think it is such a wonderful day just to tell them how much ya love them.  My mom always made us cookies every year, and I still continue that tradition with my momma's recipe.

They each got a stuffed animal and a small candy thing.  Noah's is a red Darth Vader head candy jar, which is possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  Wyatt got an M&M dispenser thing, and Annie got a Hello Kitty purse full of candy necklaces.  They were all tickled pink.  Annie's animal is an elephant, and for some reason she believes that elephants howl like a wolf.  So she immediately started howling...

Which we could not get enough of cause it was hysterical.   :)  Wyatt was in love with his lion..
This year we decided to splurge a little bit and get an extra gift that was for all three of them.  We chose a Mario Party game for the Wii, since all of us could play.  But we only have two remotes, so we bit the bullet and bought one more for Rosie.  They were excited they each got to open a little box!

Mario Party has been a huge hit!  Annie loves that she can play with us, and she really thinks that Princess  Peach is a drawing of herself.  When we ask her who she wants to be when we start the game she points to her and says, "Ninny!!  Ninny!"  Not sure if the girl will ever learn to pronounce her name right.  :)

Josh and the kids got me lots of lovely Valentines and even a new pair of my favorite jammies!  And we surprised Josh with a wall mounted K-Cup holder, which he was thrilled with.  I love how easy we are to please!

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Michelle said...

We went all out with Valentines Day!!! I love that you gave them gifts! I'm guessing Colby would love this new game?