Monday, February 25, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow... :)

Please tell me how on earth we could live without this man?  He had the chance to spend a few days in Omaha for work and we thought might be a nice break from his normal, awful desk so he volunteered to go.  Ya'll, he hadn't been gone more than a few hours when all of us regretted it!!  The kids and I just don't know how to function without him here with us!  Our only saving grace was that he got a Kindle that took pictures that he could take with him so we could see him while he was gone.  It also made us up our game and finally get smart phones! ;)  The kids were thrilled that Josh got to see lots of snow, so he sent them pictures taken from his hotel room window.  They were way impressed.

They were also tickled with daddy's sense of humor with funny pics!
And also liked getting to see the building Daddy works in when he goes to Omaha...

When it was finally time for him to come home the kids were beyond excited.  Noah even dressed himself up all by himself to go to the airport.  I am in love with his fashion sense.  Love those skinny little chicken legs!! 

I convinced the kids to make a banner that says welcome home.  I guess I didn't take a pic of it.  But after that I went to get in the shower and they asked me if they could make some signs and hang them in the living room.  I really wasn't sure what they meant but I said sure.  When I came back the living room was plastered in colored paper that they had written little notes all on.  They were adorably cute... stuff like "we all missed you".  Noah wrote 2 of the funniest signs ever.  One said "It's a great day to come home!"  and the other one said, "God missed you!"  LOL  At the last minute they told Josh his flight was cancelled.  This was the picture we got from him:

And this is the picture he got from us:

But miraculously they fixed the plane and he made it home to us that night, hopefully never to leave again!

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