Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Boxes

We made Valentine's boxes again this year for our homeschool group's Valentines party.  We spent a LONG time surfing Pinterest to find just the perfect ones for each kiddo. 

Wyatt fell in love with the idea of a huge Icee and was thrilled with the results.  It was actually the easiest one to make!  Wyatt cut all the pieces out and I helped him glue the strips straight.  We found some cheap plastic bowls at Hobby Lobby and Josh drilled a hole in it for the lid.  Then we hot glued two straws together and tada!  We wrote on the side of it "the coldest drink in town" just like the old school cups say.  Wyatt really wanted me to write "the tallest, coldest drink in town."  He is such a goof!  The most exciting part is that he won in his age group for most creative.  So he got a Hershey bar and a Chick-fil-A gift card.  I was SOOO happy he got to be the center of attention for a little while.  Being the middle child he really does feel left out a lot, no matter how much I work to make that happen.  Winning made my heart happy for him!

Noah saw a tank and fell in love with the idea, so we had to make it work.  I only had HUGE boxes so he and Annie both ended up with massive boxes.  The boys cracked me up cause when I woke up this morning they told me all about how they found the USA stickers and put them on the front of the tank.  I didn't even notice till I am writing this, but they totally put an upside down C instead of a U.  :)

And the only three choices that would be fitting for Annie would be a puppy, Pinky Pie, or a kitty. I figured the cat would be easiest so that is what we went with.  It even had a fuzzy tail!  She was so in love with this box she nearly ruined it.  As soon as it was done she took it into the living room and straddled it and plopped down to watch a show.  :) 

THIS folks, is her own idea.  Her own pose.  Love her.  They had such a blast skating all afternoon that they all fell asleep on the way home.  Not sure if I am ready for next year following Annie around on skates!

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