Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sibling love!

Oh my, this just made me melt into a thousand little puddles all over the floor.  Without being prompted, Wyatt got everything out to help Annie do her Valentines.  And then he sat with her on the couch and helped her to write her name on all 30 of them.  Seriously.  I about died.  Part of it could have been from fear from a 5 year old and a 2 year old with a permanent  marker on the couch. But mostly it was from cuteness. 

He was so adorable cause he had her put her hand on his arm and then said every letter he was writing to make her feel like she was a part of it.  Then he let her put the lollipop in the first hole and he would do the second hole.  They had a whole system. 

We got Annie's valentines at the store a month ago, and it was a good thing we had them so long cause it took her the whole four weeks to wrap her head around the idea of giving the candy away!  ;)  I kept telling her she was going to give them to her friends but she just clutched them to her chest and said "my kitty candy!"  I'm happy to report that she did readily give them away when the time came!

Since we homeschool the kids are rarely apart from each other.  I usually have all three of them, or none of them.  But this night Josh took Noah to scouts and I stayed behind with the babies.  I'm certain that if Noah was home they never would have sat for nearly an hour on the couch together working on a project like this.  It was really a sweet night and has made me think about staying home with just the 2 of them during scouts more often. 

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