Monday, May 20, 2013

Bath time!

So tonight was just CRAZY trying to get everything done that needed to get done.  And of course all at the same time a million things go wrong.... the cat pukes in the hallway, the timer is going off on the oven for dinner, Annie is sobbing that her hiney is raw and needs to get in the tub, and a hundred other things.

So I stepped over the cat puke, cleaned Annie up and got her into the tub.   While I am sitting there waiting for the tub to fill up I look down the hallway and notice that Noah J is cleaning the cat puke.  On his own.  Without being asked.  And actually doing a good job of it.  Now, some of you might think no big deal, but for my work avoiding son, this is huge!!  He came over and I gave him a huge speech on how proud of him I was to show such initiative.  His response was "and you didn't even have to ask me!!"  LOL  Next on the list of course is the beeping in the kitchen so I asked him and Wyatt to come and sit and watch Annie while I moved the pots around and came right back.  So when I come back around the corner to tell them one more minute longer I see this.  And they proudly proclaimed to me that I didn't need to wash her cause they had already done it... even her hair!  :)  I was so tickled pink I had to take a picture.  These boys really surprise me some times.

They even dressed her in her jammies and brushed her hair.  They told me she only gave them a little trouble.  :)

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