Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Children's Museum

So we took our annual trip to the Children's Museum!  Well, maybe bi-annual.  But definitely not more than that!  There is only so much a momma can take!  We were lucky to have a couple friends join us for the fun.  Or the misery.  Whichever way you look at it. :)

The whole group was really tickled to draw on their faces.  We laughed cause the girls all drew cute flowers and whiskers and the boys only focused on looking as ridiculous as possible!  My boys were definitely braver this time...

They even tried the rock wall!  They weren't good at it, but they tried, LOL.  They had a new display with LED lights on a grid board thing - they spent a long time working on their creation.  It really came out great, but I got a horrible, fuzzy pic with my phone.

Annie loved everything!!  It was so nice that she was able to run around and play with stuff this time.  I thought she would just love all the "big" stuff like the ambulance, but she really seemed to enjoy all the little things she could manipulate - stacks of blocks, balls of all kinds, puppets, etc.

It was a long day, but it was actually the most pleasant time I've had at this museum!    I'm actually kinda looking forward to our trip back next year when all the kids are in school again.  Kinda.  Maybe. :)


Mark and Corrie said...

Stop it with Annie's cuteness!! I tried Tatem's hair in tiny pig tails yesterday, and Landrie immediately said, "Look Mom, she's Baby Annie!" Then they started to play "I'm Wyatt, your're Annie." :)

Laura Marlatt said...

She's cracking me up!!! Did you take pics of the tiny piggy tails?! They are certainly blog-worthy :)