Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Summer!

I really don't think it can get any sassier than this!!!  Memorial Day weekend officially means that it is time to pull out the pools!  At least that is what it means to my parents.  :)  The kids have been waiting for this moment for weeks now!  Annie was super excited cause she called her Grandpa and convinced him to buy her a special pair of pink goggles just for this occasion.  She was so tickled with herself!
 She was pretty unsure of the cold water (their well water is frigid year round!) but eventually loosened up.  Such happiness to splash about!  We spent the whole afternoon outside while they played.

And of course the boys had all kinds of war games going on with the waterguns.  Annie even gets in on the action and will shoot ya when you least expect it!  And to make the day extra special they ended it with a fire.  Grandpa really knows how to make this group happy!

I had to sneak a shot of my dad with Annie all bundled up.  She was saying she was so "coldy" and needed to get warm by the fire.  What a sweet moment to capture!

There was no relaxing for Noah J - he had to throw everything he possibly could into the fire!  I love the relationship these two have.  Also love that we get to soak up as many grandpa and grandma moments as possible - so blessed to have them such an integral part of our lives.

We were getting ready to leave and my mom made me run into the bathroom and snap a pic of Annie - she was cracking us up all wrapped up in her towel sitting on the potty.  We have been working so hard on potty training her, but it is hard since we are out of the house so much!  We tried right before Christmas but she wasn't quite there yet.  As a matter of fact she pooped on the floor right under the Christmas tree, LOL!!  And then we all got so sick I gave up.  But I think she really is finally ready to finish it up!  She just lingers so long on the potty we both get bored!  So bored she makes faces at me while I take her picture.  Maybe she is just exasperated that I would photograph her on the toilet!  :)

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