Sunday, August 22, 2010


Part of my prep for the baby is getting everyone's hair cut!!  So far I've got Josh and the boys done, so that just leaves me I guess!  They were just so cute as I started I had to get the camera and take some before and after pics. 

Wyatt's hair was out of control!!  I like his hair short for some reason - he just looks so grown up!!

And I love love love Noah's hair kinda long and shaggy, but the poor boy has just been miserable in this heat, so I decided he needed a cut too!

And the after........

I really don't enjoy cutting hair, but I definitely do like not having to pay anything!!  We made the mistake one time to take the kids over to Cool Cuts for Kids, and then to Chuck E Cheese afterwards since it is right in the parking lot - now they expect that every time.  Obviously, we had to put the stop to that madness!!  If only we had a fire truck to sit in while I cut it, I don't think they would even mind!

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