Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I'm finally getting around to blogging about the dinosaurs!!  Noah normally really dislikes the zoo, while Wyatt loves it, and I really could care less about going one way or the other.  I guess I like it, but it is just so much work! :)  And to get there and have Noah complain the whole time is just not my idea of a good time.  But he has been asking to go for the last month or so, so we figured we would give it a shot.  We were supposed to go see the new dinosaur exhibit the week it opened, but one of the boys was sick, so we put it off till now.  I figured we better get out there before Annie shows up, even though it was about ten million degrees!

I'm so glad we did, cause the boys just LOVED it!  They have been a little obsessed with dinosaurs lately, which they never had been in the past.  About a month ago Josh took them to the natural history museum while I was at my OB appointment, and they just had a blast.  They were really tickled that they went with just Josh.  They love their Daddy!!

The boys were just so happy to run down the little trail to see all the dinos, and Noah was in a huge hurry to see the T-Rex.  That is, until he saw it.  He was scared to death of it!!!  And I will say, the thing was huge.  Absolutely massive - way bigger than the other ones on exhibit.  They wouldn't even go stand in front of it for a picture........ they walked as far away from it as they could to walk past it.  They cracked us up!

They even enjoyed the rest of the zoo, which once again surprised us!  They were really tickled with petting the goats, which Noah just normally could care less about.  Wyatt was super tickled by the goat on the bench, which for some reason I found hilarious.

The only sad part of the day was that Noah was upset they didn't have the pirates and skeletons in the cave in the children's zoo.  Of course I had already explained to him that they only do that at Halloween, but the boy is just plain stubborn!!  But they did have fun playing in the prairie dog tunnels!

They day ended with a steamy hot picnic - check out how sweaty these monkeys are!!  Five minutes later a rain storm rolled in, so it was super humid while we ate.  I was sweating so much Wyatt told me, "Momma, someone spray water on your face!"  Ummmm, no, Momma just thinks she might die she's so hot!!  We hung out for a while, and then Josh bought us poncho's and we made our way home!  Totally worth it!!

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