Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Night!!

There is not much these boys love in the world more than movie night!!!  We must get asked about it two or three times a week!!  I wish we did it more often, but with Josh going to work at night, there are only so many nights we have the time to do it.  So roughly once a month or so they get their special night!  We figured we better get it in before Annie comes, cause who knows when it will happen after that!

We pick out a new movie at the store, and then they get to pick a candy, we make popcorn, and of course, grape soda!!  Not really sure how we ended up with grape soda, but now we have to have it every single time!  Since Noah doesn't really like candy he almost always picks out a bag of marshmallows, and Wyatt usually picks a bag of M&Ms. 

Then Josh sets up our pallet on the floor - which is basically just every blanket we have piled on top of an old IKEA duvet.  The boys grab their pillows and their favorite blankets, along with all the pillows off the couches, and we are all set!  Oh yes, I have to mention that it absolutely MUST be dark out when you start the movie.  I will be happy when that happens before 9 again!! :)

This time they picked out the Mickey Mouse version of The Three Musketeers.  I thought it was a rather strange choice, but they really loved it.  Noah laughed and laughed, he really thought it was funny.  On the actual movie night Wyatt was ready for it to be over after ten minutes, but now he asks to watch it quite regularly.  It was a really good choice, too, cause it was just the perfect length - just over an hour.

We're already looking for something new to watch next time!!

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