Saturday, August 21, 2010

Riding the tram!!

Part of our quest to find "fun" stuff to do with the boys, in the midst of all the baby prepping, was a trip to the airport to ride the tram!  Strange, but true!

A few weeks ago Noah started talking about the time his Grandma took him to the airport to ride the train (you know, close to three years ago) and how Wyatt didn't get to go cause he was a baby.  Of course he thought that Wyatt needed to go see it, and we agreed! 

So we loaded them up, hopped on the beltway and headed towards our free morning of fun.  Sadly, this was the day that the Sorento decided to stop working on the middle of the beltway, and we had to turn around and ride the feeder home.  So wouldn't you know it that just a few days after buying our new minivan they started asking about when we would be going to the airport!  These boys don't forget anything.

It was really crowded, so they didn't get to goof off too much, but they seemed to have fun anyways.  They really loved that we got off at the hotel, where they promptly started dancing to the overhead music.  Wyatt will dance anytime, anywhere.  Here they are "shaking what their momma gave them!"  They heard the chipmunks say that one time and they seriously say it every day now.  Classy.

We watched a bunch of planes take off and land from the parking garage and then headed home.  Fun times for just the cost of parking!

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