Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My not so baby boy

This is Noah J's cute face.  He has recently decided to ask me all the time, "Momma, is this a cute face?"  And then he makes this face.  Of course I have to tell him that all his faces are cute faces.  What could a momma not love about this pud???

Josh snapped these pics of him in Annie's room last week, and I just had to share them cause they exemplify everything I love about this crazy monkey.

He has absolutely the sweetest, and most empathetic heart.  On the way home from the doc last week, there was a window washer at a stoplight off 59.  So Noah asks us about what he is doing and we explained that he wants to clean peoples windows to make some money.  He immediately gets this sad voice and says, "But  mom, nobody is letting him wash their windows!!"  Josh and I make light of it like, "Oh, they just don't want that right now,"  but Noah was really upset about it.  He continued with, "I think his heart is very sad now cause nobody will let him wash the windows!"  Things that I don't even think twice about almost always touch his heart.

Over a week ago we were waiting in line at the seafood counter at HEB, and I pointed out some whole fish they had in the case and told him that is what we were buying, and I was going to eat the eyeballs.  They groaned, moaned, and laughed, and I didn't think much else about it.  Then this morning, completely out of the blue in the car, he asks me, "Momma, do you really eat fish eyeballs?"  I guess this is something that has been weighing heavily on his mind!! he he he  I have to wonder what this boy thinks about all day long,

He also loves Wyatt so much - this week he has been really into loving on him.  While I was taking Wyatt for his nap yesterday I heard Noah screaming, "Wyatt!!!! Wait!!!"  I thought for sure he was going to ask if he could play with one of his toys while he slept, but instead he said, "I didn't get to kiss you night night!"  He took Wy's little chubby cheeks and kissed him and told him, "Sweet dreams brother!!!"  Wyatt was really tickled to death.  Obviously that is not the norm, but sometimes he just surprises me!

Lest I make him out to be perfect, this last face is something we see quite often!! :)  As a matter of fact, I saw it today when I was talking to him about his big brother class he's taking at the hospital.  He insists that he does  not need to go to it, cause he already knows how to take care of a baby.  I quote, "I hold her, and love her, and feed her, and change her diaper, and give her passys!!!!"  I guess he has it all figured out, right?

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