Friday, August 20, 2010

The countdown has begun!!!!

These little boys are so excited to meet their sister!!!!  Probably not as excited as I am, but excited none the less!  I'm down to my weekly doc appointments, and every single time the boys get all excited and say, "she's gonna take Annie out today?"  Ummmmmmmmm, no.  Momma wishes, but no.

So to give them a concrete idea of how much longer we have, we made a paper chain!  They were super happy to make it, since I actually let them use the stapler, and are even happier to cut chains off of it!

Noah is so great at remembering every morning to go cut one off - he reminds me every day!  This particular day we saved them up so we could get a pic of each of them cutting off a chain.  If anyone is counting, its less than 3 weeks now!!!  I adore these snuggle bugs and can't wait for them to have a sister!!!

And, I just have to say please excuse the horribleness of these pictures of me!!!!!!!!!  I don't think I had even looked at myself in the mirror that day!  Again, can I tell you how ready I am for this little girl to arrive??!?!

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