Monday, March 14, 2011

New table!

We finally got our new school table and chairs!  It has been so very needed all school year, so it was our first tax return purchase!  It is this kitchen table from IKEA, but seriously, it must have been made with homeschoolers in mind.  Couldn't have asked for something more perfect.  I thought I wanted something a little bit bigger, but once we got it into the room I realized that we wouldn't have room for anything more.  The most exciting part is that on each side it has 3 little drawers - just perfect for a crayon box and pencils.  And on my side I've already filled them with my fave pens, sticky notes, and other "don't touch Mommy's things" items. :)

No more crying over 'his books are in my way' or 'move the crayons!!'.  Yay! :)  And there is even room for Annie girl when she decides she's ready to start school.  I have a feeling that will be sooner than I'm ready for!  We took down the curtains and it has completely opened the room up, and we are enjoying the natural light coming in while we work.  All we need now is a coat of paint, but that will have to wait till the rest of the house construction is finished! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the table! link please??? pretty please!

Camary M.