Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Dinosaur Valley

For the third day of our trip our focus was on the greatest boy topic of all time - DINOSAURS!  Noah has been very certain for the last year that he wants to be a paleontologist .  I keep telling him he could be a creation scientist. :)  Either way, he has been a smidgen obsessed with these great creatures.  So we started our morning with a trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park.

It was SO cold and we were quite unprepared.  I should have photographed the back of the van - full to the brim with a hundred different bags/suitcases/ice chest etc.  So anything warm I brought was completely inaccessible.  But my  mom came to the rescue with her teeny clothes that weren't too terribly big for the boys.  They looked ridiculous but were happy to have a bit of warmth!

I really expected to see more footprints, so in that respect it was a tiny bit disappointing.  And I was well aware the kids would not be as wowed with it as we were to see real dino prints.  What I didn't realize is that we would pass the entrance to Dinosaur World on our way into the park.  Once they saw the huge, painted dinos in their lot that was all they could think about.  So we didn't stay long.Annie was also not real thrilled with hanging out in the Bjorn.  It was supposed to hit nearly 80 that day so I dressed the kiddos for that weather.  Luckily I had packed some leg warmers so Annie rocked those with her skirt. :)

The park itself was really beautiful - the river was gorgeous and they had some really nice camping areas.  My parents and I agree that it is definitely some place we would consider going back to and camping for a few days.
After 20 minutes we crossed back over the river and hightailed it over to Dinosaur World.  I'll post those pics tomorrow!

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