Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Dinosaur World

When we got to DW we emptied out the van and found the boys long sleeved shirts, which of course were dinosaur themed.  :)  Yay!   The park was really neat.  You just walk around this paved pathway and thre are dinosaurs all along the way with little signs talking about each one.  Wyatt was a bit grumpy so he was not interested in it, but Noah loved it.
They were especially neat cause they have them all in the natural landscape, so some were peeking out from behind trees, and they even had a group of dinos by a little watering hole.

At the end of the pathway they have a little playground which the kids were quite excited about, although it was no different than any other play area.  I guess just the fact that they put one tiny dinosaur in it the whole thing instantly became special. :)
Annie with her baby tongue sticking out.  ALL the time.  She went through a good 2 weeks were it was rare to see her tongue in her mouth.  She seems to be growing out of it now.  Sad, cause I just love it.  Then the had a little fossil dig for the kids.  The boys were very excited about this.  They were allowed to find as many as they wanted, but they could only keep three.  Quite a difficult decision for little Wy. You know how he loves to have large collections of things.  He even tried to climb right into the trough.  I love that kid.

And we had to get a quick shot of three generations of women!  I love it.  And yes, I am wearing 2 completely non matching shirts.  It was COLD, folks!  Of course I packed every single person a long sleeved shirt except for myself.  :P

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