Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day One!

I guess it is impossible to get  a picture of all three of them looking at the camera, right?  Wyatt has the same problem I do - my chin is always way up in pictures. :)

Once again we went to Great Wolf Lodge for our spring break trip, and once again we had a great time.  We knew we couldn't do it this year without some help, cause I am just so nervous around the water with my non-swimmers.  We are so blessed with my wonderful parents who came with us to lend a hand and just enjoy loving on their grandbabies.  We couldn't have done this trip without them.  Our night at the lodge I laid in bed and thanked God for giving me parents that I actually love to be around.  They are the best!

I don't really know how the kids just go and go and go, but they do.  We got up early and drove all morning, and then spend the entire afternoon in the pool.  All four of the adults felt like just passing out by the time night came, but you know then the kids were ready for some MagiQuest and general unruliness. :)

Annie was so incredibly good.  She wasn't too sure about the water, but she did love the kids hot tub.  And so did I! :)  I think I need one of those at home.  She just couldn't stay awake any longer, though, and I got to hold her for a sweet little nap, which I cherished cause we never get to do that with her anymore. 

 Wyatt was not as brave as I expected him to be.  He has been going through a bit of a "mommy phase" lately, and wouldn't venture off to do much.  I really expected him to do some of the bigger slides, but nope.  He seemed to have fun anyways. 
And take a look at this big grown up boy!  I can't even believe how much he has grown and matured!  When we came into the park they measure the kids to see what rides they can go on.  Last year he was just barely underneath the line for the tallest slides and this year he was a good 3 inches above it.  I was so surprised!

This year he really wanted to spend a ton of time in the wave pool, which he wouldn't touch last year.  He is so afraid of water, but he did branch out and try some new stuff this time so I was really proud of him.

We were more than happy to go to bed that night, and it went so well. We got Annie a crib, and the child just laid down in it and went to sleep without making a peep.  I cannot get over it!  She falls asleep in the swing at night, and evidently she doesn't need to. Ha!  The boys slept in the main part of the room with my parents, so when we got up in the morning I asked Noah how he slept.  He told us all that Grandma slept great but the rest of them didn't because of her snoring!  I love that boy. :)

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Mark and Corrie said...

Those pictures are FABULOUS! What a fun trip! Yay for Mr. Adventurous Noah!