Monday, May 21, 2012

A special dinner out! Maybe not so much!

So we hadn't really planned where we were going to eat that night.  I asked lots of people for advice but didn't get any real answers.  So we had read about Mi Tierra on a lot of sites so we thought the kids would like it.  So we loaded up into the van and drove a few blocks over.  And that's where things got crazy.  We waited, and waited, and waited.   And then waited some more.  Children were crying.  My mom was considering hurting somebody.  It was seriously ridiculous.  It had been a crazy long day and we were all starving and tired.  While waiting we ran into this little Mexican souvenir store and saw some crazy stuff....

and the kids got to pick out a cheap toy to entertain themselves with while we waited.  It got so ridiculous that we decided to leave and just take our chances with what we could find.

This is when one of the four of us having a smart phone would have been really handy.  We only had our printed directions form the hotel to the restaurant, so we basically just drove straight down one of the main freeways till we saw something.  And we drove and drove and drove.  And the only thing we passed was a Denny's, and after two months of no carbs we were not going to waste carbs on Denny's.

The next two places were IHOP and Red Lobster.  Obviously, the choice here is Red Lobster.  But it was SO late and we wanted it to be quick so we ran into a scary IHOP.  And it took FOREVER!!!  We were one of a handful of tables in the place and it took over  45 minutes to get our food.  The kids were crying, Annie was ready to crash and it was just a mess.

Annie zonked out on the way back to the hotel and didn't even wake up when we got her out.  She slept with her head on Josh's hand like this all the way back to our room.  So cute!!

Needless to say, Mi Tierra is off the list!!!   AND we had a crazy long and exhausting first day of vacation.  In the morning we got up bright and early and headed to the San Antonio Zoo!

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