Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge!

After our whirlwind San Antonio visit we drove up to Grapevine to visit the boys most favorite place on earth...  Great Wolf Lodge!  At this point you must sing the Great Wolf Lodge song in your head.  You know the one.  It plays over the speakers as you enter the building.  I routinely sing this song when I can't sleep at night.  :)  And strangely we really don't have that many pictures!  We swam for 2 days until we could swim no more!  Annie was intrigued with the water at first, but then didn't want much to do with it.  Check her out showing off her swimsuit and sandals.  I have no idea what Noah is doing.

And then the water came, which was cool for a bit.

But the rest of the day was pretty much spent like this.  :)
The boys of course had tons of fun.  Wyatt was super excited that he was brave enough to go down the slides under the big bucket this year.  Noah said maybe next year he would be brave enough to do the super big slides with Daddy.  Here they are goofing around....

And of course we had to end the evening with some time playing games!  There is a chance that Wyatt likes this part more than the swimming.  It's at least a close tie!  This time they had Annie to deal with.  She was thrilled to pull all the tickets out of the machines!

And we still weren't done!  We went and had dinner and then played some Magiquest.  A super long day!!  And you know what we did the next day.  More of the same!

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