Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Frog!

 So last night we were outside kinda late and we saw a frog in the yard.  Wyatt was so excited he desperately wanted to put it in his new bug house he got for his birthday.  Just for a few minutes to look at it and then to let it go.  We agreed but sadly couldn't catch him.  He was sneaky!  But tonight was not his lucky night - we found him in the garage!  The boys were so adorably excited and Noah insisted that they get out their Nature Journals and draw him.  So they did!
I was really tickled by how excited they were.  I mean, it was just a normal frog.  I thought it was so cute that Noah wanted to put it in his journal.  You know, that journal I bought them with these grand ideas of Charlotte Mason inspired nature walks we would be taking.  We've had them for a year. And this was the second entry.  ;) Noah even went and got his Amphibians Field Guide to try and figure out which kind he was.  He found that book at an antique shop for $1 and he adores it - so glad finally got to officially use it!

Of course we immediately took him outside to let him go.  We do not like to keep wild animals captive in our house!  I wish I wasn't too lazy to scan in Wyatt's drawing.  It is hysterical - he drew this big house and then a tiny red frog about the size of a fly.  Guess I need to better explain that we are supposed to try and use accurate colors in our journals!  And don't you love Wyatt's too small jammies?  I should get rid of them but they are just so funny.  :)

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Michelle said...

Too fun! My kids would have loved to catch a frog! :) I love that they wanted to journal it!