Friday, May 25, 2012


So we pretty much STILL didn't know where to eat the second night.   But we knew we weren't going to leave the River Walk this time!   You know Noah loves noodles more than anything so we decided to go with Italian and walked down the river to Paesanos.  We were NOT disappointed.  It was beyond delicious.  Of course we were in a crazy carb eating frenzy after two months of no carbs, so maybe we would have thought anything was good.  We got to eat outside and captured some pictures of the kids I love... just goofing off and having fun.  It was really a gorgeous evening to be eating outside on the water.


We let the boys get up and move around a bit by the water.  But they were freaking me out getting too close to the edge.  They were desperate to wave at the tour boats as they drove by.

And check out the food.  Yes, we photographed it.  :)  This was two months into eating paleo so it was our first bread and we were excited!!!  My dad is so silly he had to smell it!

Annie absolutely loved her dinner.  And I understand why.  She made a total mess of herself, but she was so cute we had to just let her do it.

We walked back to the hotel in the dark, which the kids thought was awesome.  And that wrapped up our trip to San Antonio.  In the morning we packed up and headed to Grapevine!

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