Monday, May 21, 2012

San Antonio Zoo!

The next morning we started out bright and early for the zoo.  And of course all zoo trips MUST begin with a ride on the train!  Annie began this by finding out what the train tasted like....

And you wonder why she is always sick!!  :)  She was super tickled when the men started talking on the intercom and she started making all kinds of cute sounds.
After the train we made our way inside where I was promptly pooped on by a bird.  Then a strange man told me it was good luck.  Only time will tell!  Overall it was not my favorite zoo, but the kiddos had lots of fun.  It was kind of hard to get around with the stroller and there was not much shade.

Annie was excited to touch some animals.  They had this super cute pig!  Houston only has goats so I was pretty pumped about the pig.

Josh got some really nice pictures while we were there, so I must share them!

We were hot and tired, so we took off in the afternoon for our second stop of the day, Tower of the Americas!

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