Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look out Joseph!!

Noah James was a busy bee today! As you can see, he thinks that in order to play with Joseph he should crawl on top of him (don't worry - Joe is fine!! I promise he didn't hurt him and wasn't pressing on his tummy - he was just patting it!). Eventually, though, he finally left Joseph alone - lets hope he remembers this on Friday!

Noah also figured out opening the kitchen cabinets. Good thing Josh is on top of stuff and already put locks on the important ones. It was a bit tricky trying to keep Joseph asleep while Noah was slamming the cabinet doors over and over again.

Noah had his first taste of rice stack tonight and he really loved it. I know he doesn't look happy in the picture, but he was a bit confused at first! :) The taco seasoning didn't phase him one bit, but he wasn't too sure about the tomatoes. It was our first time to sit down together for dinner in a long time since Josh has been working 2nd, and it was really nice!

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