Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Watch out Lily cat!!

Once again here is a pic from last week, cause I didn't take pics again today! Noah thinks the best game in the world is to crawl around the house at lightning speed to catch Lily and when he gets her what do you think he does? He gives her a big kiss and then pulls her tail! Needless to say, Lilycat isn't so fond of this game, but sometimes she just sits there and gives in, like in this photo.

Noah J visited the mall again today to pick up dad's glasses, the Christian book store to find a book on dealing with babies that have temper tantrums (for my sometimes not-so-sweet boy), and then had a cheeseburger at Fuddruckers - of course the only part he really wanted to eat was the bun. That boy loves bread just like his momma!

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