Monday, March 06, 2006

You Should See The Other Guy

These pictures break my heart! Noah had his first real accident today and busted his eye! He was standing up holding onto the edge of the bed and fell backwards onto his bum and when he did his head flung forward and banged on the metal rail that holds the mattresses. IT was so awful! And we didn't even realize he was bleeding, but we took him outside to calm down and saw it and oh my goodness we freaked! But after he calmed down he didn't even notice it the rest of the day. Josh says we shouldn't take him out in public for a while.... don't want anyone getting the wrong idea! :)

Notice the mark on his lip in this pic? I flipped when I saw him cause I thought he was bleeding again, but then I saw he was sitting on an eyeliner pencil. I haven't worn eyeliner in a few years, so no clue where he got that from! And since he despises having his face washed I was a little concerned about getting it off, but after his afternoon snack of avocados it was gone! Now you know, if you need to remove makeup, use avocado!

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