Thursday, March 23, 2006

Antique Rose Emporium

We are a bit angry at the weather man today!! I swear last night it said mostly sunny for today with a high of 62 - well, it didn't feel anywhere near that! And it was so windy! We thought today would be a great day to make our annual trip to the Rose Emporium in Independence cause the wildflowers are blooming and the roses too. Well, it was SOOO cold Noah J and Josh were crying so we only stayed for a few minutes, bought a rose to cover the ugly shed in our back yard, and then drove to Bryan for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Square One. We think this is Noah's favorite place to eat - he was just so happy there - he had some garlic bread, cream of asparagus soup, pasta in a gorgonzola cream sauce (yummy!) and some fresh fruit. It was deeeeelicious. But unfortunately all of that driving made him one grumpy boy this afternoon for his Granny. I guess he wanted to show off cause he actually stood up with his hippo walker and walked across the room!! Of course, as soon as the camera came out he sat down and crawled! :) Maybe later this week.... And we were treated to dinner by Granny and Noah was a terror - the worst he's ever been in a restaurant. I think we'll be eating dinner at home for a while!

I know Noah doesn't look happy here - but I'm not either! We were shivering! Can you see Noah J's red nose? And yes, after seeing this picture I realize how desperately I need a haircut!! Haven't gotten it done since before Noah was born - now I just have to pick a haircut!

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