Sunday, March 26, 2006

Crazy Grandpa

So you just know that my father is crazy! We get a call before we come over for dinner Sat. night to bring the camera - and immediately our though is "What did he buy?" And not to our surprise as we drive up we see this lovely cafe set sitting in the yard! Could it be any cuter? Noah wasn't quite sure what to think - I actually think he was pondering where his drink with the umbrella was. Anyways, we had fun, and Oma cooked us all some delicious schnitzel and we ate till we were all fat as ticks, including Noah J!

After our trip to Arne's this morning for birthday party stuff (during which my son peed on me) we were hungry so we stopped at Star Pizza in our old neighborhood. We wanted to eat there the entire 2 years we lived in the Heights but never got around to it. It was SO yummy and Noah had fun sitting outside on the porch enjoying the beautiful weather.

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