Monday, March 13, 2006

Mom is a Bad Blogger!

I haven't taken any pictures in 2 whole days! You y'all will just have to be pleased with this pic from a few weeks ago (this is Josh's favorite cause he thinks Noah looks like a pouty British rocker - and you know how Josh loves British rockers)!

We had an exciting day today, but in the craziness there was no time for the camera. Josh an I are SO brave we took both babies to the mall today while Josh got his annual eye exam and ordered new glasses. Like I said, we are crazy! It must have taken us 45 minutes to get everything packed up and into the car. But both of them were so good that it went really well - even though we were doing the whole eye thing for about two and a half hours. It only started to go downhill when we decided to eat lunch there - trying to feed ourselves, Noah J, and holding Joseph cause he didn't want to be in the stroller anymore was a nightmare. BUT, we discovered that Noah really likes pickles - who woulda thought it? And both boys slept all the way home!

We're thinking Noah might be getting some new teeth - he cried for most of the day if he didn't have a fresh dose of ibuprofin in him. And he has woken up crying already tonight twice, which he never does anymore. Let's hope tomorrow is better!

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