Friday, March 10, 2006

But I'm the Baby!!

Noah James just doesn't understand why he can't treat his cousin Joseph like all of his other toys! Today marked the end of our first week with Joseph, and it was a TOUGH day! Both the babies were grumpy, and Noah is just frustrated that we keep telling him to be gentle with the baby. He gives us this look like, "But I'm the baby!" I tried all day to get a picture of the two of them together, but I just cannot leave Noah within a three foot vicinity of Joe without him putting his mouth on his face, or putting one of his toys on his head. :) SO, in desperation for a photo for today I snuck into his room a few minutes ago to snap this shot of my exhausted boy snoozing away. I'm one brave momma! Luckily, as I walked in he turned his head away to the flash didn't bother him one bit!

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