Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kissing the puppy

Can I tell you how excited Noah James was today that he finally got to kiss the puppy?? He so desperately has wanted to kiss and pet Zeus, but you know how weirdly skittish that dog is. Shockingly while Noah was in his sandbox at Grandma and Grandpa's house tonight Zeus kissed him. It was mostly just a ploy to get his toy back from Noah, though. But it made the little one happy none-the-less. Yes, he has a sandbox at G & G's house. He didn't want to have anything to do with it at first, but once we let Joseph sit in it he has decided thats its cool. He has also mastered crawling in and out of it without falling face first. He likes to bring rocks from their driveway and put them into the sandbox.

AND the water hose obesession is not limited to just Marlatt hoses, but evidently hoses in general. Notice how he's carrying the dogs toy around - he doesn't put them down the whole time when we're over there.

Check out his new kicks!! Aren't they just too cute? You can see that Noah J thinks that they are just toys that are attached to his feet. Also check out the car seat facing the front! We figured turning it around 1 1/2 weeks early was OK. It is SO much easier to put him in it now that its not only facing front but on the side. OK OK, we know its not as safe as being in the middle, but its just impossible to hoist this sack of potatoes into the middle anymore.

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Kelly said...

I LOVE the shoes! I'm glad Noah is facing front! The first thing Adeline tries to do is take her shoe and sock off, so just wait! She only does it on one foot though. Do not feel guilty, Adeline is on the side in my car also. It is VERY hard to lug her up to the middle. Just keep the doors locked and the window safety thing on, in case he finds the buttons!