Monday, May 01, 2006

More teeth????

Today was a tough day for the little boy!! I'm guessing that he's getting more teeth and its just really wearing him out. The front 4 on top are showing now, but I'm thinking there are more in the back. He cried for about 3/4 of the day and was chewing on his fingers and drooling a ton. That other 1/4 of the day I guess was when his Motrin was working.

Here is Noah J after his first lunch on his new back porch! We pulled the high chair outside this afternoon and we ate lunch together in the shade on our new patio furniture (thanks Granny!)!! I didn't think to take a picture till we were finished, so you just get his confused little face!

I think the grumpiness also has to do with the dropping the bottle thing - we're down to just one bottle first thing in the morning. But I KNOW he wants more - everytime I feed Joe he is trying to grab the bottle from me. Poor little bugger!! We're doing half milk, half formula except the morning bottle which is all formula. He won't drink much straight milk - hopefully he will get his act together!


Grandma said...

Poor little fellow!

He must need an extra helping of attention (or Zeus) tough when you have to compete with the dog - can't wait to do that!

The Howard Family Blog said...

He's got Claire beat! She still only has two teeth :)