Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Q & A time!

Q: Do I have the most beautiful boy in the whole, wide world?

A: Yeah, I do!!

This is the cuteness I had to deal with while trying to cut his hair last night! How can I even concentrate on the hair when he's this darn adorable???? I'll have to snap a hair pic tomorrow to show the results!!! (Its not drastic, don't worry!)

Noah seems to be feeling much better today. Had a 100.0 temp, but the doc says thats not a fever - only over 101.3 is a fever - crazy, huh? He was still pretty fussy, but I guess it was just from the shots. We had a fun, impromptu dinner tonight with G&G and Noah J was a ham the whole time and was way excited cause he got to eat his favorite rolls from Texas Roadhouse. Momma was pretty excited about it too!

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