Sunday, May 14, 2006

Our little boy is 1!!!

YEAH!! Our little boy is finally one!! We had such a great time at his party Saturday! The house was packed with people which made Noah James excited and he had lots of fun. He wasn't really interested in opening gifts, but I had fun doing it for him. He ate TONS of cake, with a large cup of milk, of course. He also loved his chair I made him - I was so happy!! Later on he crawled into it with his blanky and relaxed - so cute!! It was nice cause we got to see all of our friends, and Noah had fun following Adeline around. He got lots of toys and has already played with every single one of them. I will post more pictures later!

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Grandma said...

We all had a great time at Noah's party - so much so- that we didn't even realize how long we had been there. It was really fun and we enjoyed sharing the day with everyone.

Noah is a blessed little boy to have so many people in his life that care for him so much!

Everything was just perfect, you did a wonderful job! Every detail showed your love!