Monday, November 21, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

Our last day of Friday School was also crazy hair day!  The boys were super excited, but I was sad for myself cause I was so bad at making crazy hair!  I went through all the hair products in my bathroom (which isn't a lot - you know me) and seriously owned nothing that would make their hair stiff!  All of it said "soft, touchable, etc".  Well, a mohawk isn't supposed to be soft and touchable!  :)  The boys still loved it anyways!  Noah's only lasted a couple of hours and Wyatt's fell into the cutest mass of curls ever.  I had no idea if I put product in his hair it would be so curly!  I have been saying they need haircuts for weeks now, but I'm kinda falling in love with their crazy shaggy look lately. 

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