Saturday, November 05, 2011


Ohhh, I used to hate Halloween but have actually grown a bit fond of it!  I just love the excitement of getting to dress up and pretend you are somebody else for a while.  And boy did our kiddos pretend!  For almost a year now Noah has been saying he wanted to be  Civil War soldier.  SOOOO bizarre, but so true.  We had read about it during some school lessons and Noah just clung to it.  I was so pleased to find this Robert E. Lee costume.  And once Wyatt saw this Pharaoh costume he was certain this was the one for him.

Rosie girl had no say in the matter, but I wanted to pick a costume that would work no matter if it was hot or cold.   It was just perfect and she even loved her kitty ears - didn't pull them off at all!

Wyatt was just too adorable.  He was not the easiest thing to put eyeliner on, though!  When I first got it out he started to freak cause he "didn't want to look like a girl!"  So I showed him the picture of King Tut from the bag from the art exhibit and then he was good to go.  He was great about the upper lids but was pretty antsy about the lower ones.  I did the best I could!  And just ask the boy to let your people go and he gave a resounding "NOOOOO!"
Like I said, Noah really didn't know much about the civil war, but he was happy anyways.  Especially about the sword.  At the last minute he saw a Green Lantern costume and wanted to be that.  So we got online to order it and at the last possible second stuck with his original plan.  I'm so glad he did!  Too cute!

They tricked and treated until they couldn't go any more!  They started out with Maddie and Emma but lost track of each other and finished it alone.  Both of their buckets were full to the top or else I think they would have kept going.  They were super excited to put on their new skeleton jammies and get started opening up candy.  My parents come over and I was so thankful cause they helped me watch Annie while I passed out candy.  And of course they got their Halloween treat boxes from them as well.  They made out like bandits cause they got cool Halloween treats earlier in the week from Granny too. 

They each got to pick their own pumpkin designs.  Can you guess which is which?

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