Saturday, November 19, 2011

She's walking!

I can hardly believe it!  But it is true, little Annie Rose took her first steps last week!  FINALLY!  I was just rooting for her to do it before that 15 month check up cause her pediatrician said we would "discuss" physical therapy if she was not walking before then.  Whew!  Like we needed one more doctors bill!  It is so strange how you raise all your kids the same way, and yet they each have their own time and methods of doing things. 

They are truly the world's tiniest little steps, and she can only go a teensy bit before falling.  She was getting up the nerve to do it every night for a week now, but she has been sick this week and won't attempt it.  Hopefully it won't be like the crawling thing - you know, crawl one time and then decide to never do it again and only booty scoot.  :) 

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Christi Brown said...

Yay! Go Annie!