Monday, November 07, 2011

Little mummies!

First thing the very next morning after our visit to the King Tut exhibit the kids begged to open their new mummy kits they got.  Of course there is a little shop at the end of the exhibit selling all kinds of Pharaoh/Tut/Egypt stuff.  All we had funds for were these cheap little dig your own mummy kits, but of course my parents shelled out the big bucks for some Tutty Bears.  What's a Tutty Bear you might ask?  As any one could imagine it is a little stuffed teddy bear wearing a Pharaoh costume.  Makes sense, right?  Even Annie got one and she sleeps with it every night!  :) 

Noah got a dig your own dinosaur kit last year for Christmas and it was a HUGE hit, so I knew this would go over well too.  Happily they didn't take long to do either.  And the boys found the TINIEST little mummies in the whole wide world.  For real, I thought they would be way bigger.  But they were super cute!

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