Thursday, November 10, 2011

Renaissance Festival!

I know people seem to really, really love the Renaissance Festival, but I am one of those few people who just don't.  I find it expensive, relatively boring, dirty, and generally offensive.  BUT, my children love it!  How does that happen?  We went two years ago during school days and the kids had fun and have asked about it constantly for two straight years.  So I knew we had to go again this year.  Our co-op went as a group but it was on a Tuesday, so we waited until Wednesday so Josh could go with us.  THAT was the only fun part - getting to do it all with Josh since he had never been since the kids were born.

Everyone's favorite part was listening to the birds of prey presentation.  I was so very glad we didn't sit in the front row cause the birds were crazy scary!  The speaker guy told everybody that it was very important they we stay seated for our safety.  So I had Annie in my lap but she wanted to get down and stand in front of me.  So of course I let her and Noah FREAKED out.  He was so super worried that one of the birds would grab her and fly away with her.  He said, "Didn't you listen to that man???!!"  :)

This year they also got to play quite a few games since Daddy was along to help out.  We started out with the petting zoo, and Noah became quite attached to a little rabbit, which is strange cause he's not normally the one in love with animals.  Noah got to shoot paintball guns with Josh....

And then ride on a big huge swing....

And Wyatt decided to go in a castle maze...

And then see how strong he was!  He was strong and his prize was a card that entitled him to a free kiss!

To finish the day off they really enjoyed shooting arrows!

Even though I really dislike the event and location I had so much fun spending the day with my favorite people just goofing off.  I'm fairly certain we won't be going again next year, though.  I need at least one year off!  ;)

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