Thursday, November 03, 2011

King Tut!

Noah had been waiting for this day for MONTHS!  As soon as they announced the King Tut exhibit would come to the art museum we knew we had to go.  Luckily my parents are members so they ordered cheaper tickets for all of us in advance. Noah has been obsessed with Egypt and Pharaoh for as long as I can remember, so he had been asking me for weeks, "Is today the museum day?"    It was a busy day - Friday School always wears us out, but we rushed home, took a nap, and then got ready.  Our tickets were for the evening so Josh could wake up in time to go with us.

This was our first visit to the Museum of Fine Arts.  I knew the kids would be so excited about the light tunnel, and they were!  Josh was able to snap a pic before the security people told him he had to put his camera away.  They had all kinds of cool stuff along the super long walkway we had to take from the parking garage.

The kids thought it was so super cool to stand on this guys face!  We were super early for our time slot for the exhibit so we got to look around quite a bit.  It was nice the kids had a chance to walk about and have fun before we had to go in.  Annie was especially happy to be out of her stroller. 

Of course they won't let you take pics in the exhibit, but Josh caught this cutie one of Annie as the preview movie was playing.  She was surprisingly good - only got a little fussy at the end, and we were there for a long time.

We all LOVED the exhibit.  The boys really surprised me with how interested they were with all of it.  We only got two of the little audio guide devices and the boys really loved this part.  They were so cute typing in the numbers and insisted on staying at each piece until the man finished talking.  I had expected them to fly through everything but they really loved it.  About halfway through Wyatt whispered to me, "I all done looking at this now."  I knew it was pushing it a bit for him but he was a trooper and finished it on a high note.  Of course they were so happy we stayed out until it was dark and they requested we go eat at their favorite restaurant and we were happy to oblige.  So we had a late night stop at The Corner Bakery.

 Such a fun night!  I love spending time with the people I adore the most!

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