Friday, November 11, 2011

Last soccer game!

So Noah made it through a whole soccer season!  He missed two games cause he was sick for a whole week (Sat to Sat), but he didn't quit!  And that's a big deal for us.  You know how we don't like to make commitments with our time!  :)  Here he is playing goalie during the last game.  He loves to be goalie, but it makes me so horribly nervous.  I make Josh go stand over close enough to him to yell at him what to do in case the ball comes.  I mean, seriously, I never knew you could pick up the ball in soccer.  Shows how much I  know!!

I love these two pictures cause he is just so darn excited.  You would think they scored or something, but they didn't.  I don't even remember what happened but can you see how excited he is?  The boy truly loves playing the game!
 He was also super excited cause Oma came to see him play for the first time ever.   And of course the rest of the gang was there too....

And to end the season they had a party at Double Dave's and were awarded trophies.  Noah was so adorable cause he asked me that morning, "Do you think I played good enough to get a trophy?"  So horribly sweet!  I let him stay in suspense until the coach passed them out at the party.  Can you see how happy he is?  He brought it home and put it right next to his little trophy from doing gymnastics two years ago.

Of course Wyatt was pretty crushed he doesn't have any trophies.  He has proclaimed that he will play soccer next season, but I'm not really sure that will happen!  Later that night I heard Noah telling him that when you're a kid you only get little trophies, but sometimes grown ups get trophies that are as tall as a person and full of money.  Where does he come up with this stuff??!  He is really going to miss his coach and team.  He was just talking about them yesterday how he misses them.  His coach only coaches one season each year, so we have to wait till the fall to be on his team again.  Noah has proclaimed he only wants Coach Wes, so I'm not sure what we will do in the spring.  What are the chances he will get another coach he loves and good kids too? 

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