Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daddy's helper!

 Do you remember way back when, three years ago when I said Noah loves to mow the yard with his daddy?  Well he still does!  I went outside a couple of weeks ago and he was just too cute following behind with that same exact lawn mower.  He gets the same accessories as Josh on - glasses, hat, etc.  It's so cute cause he normally never wears those things.

 I stood there and reminisced about how much he has grown and how I miss the sweet babe that he was.  So I figured it might be time to kick up his helping daddy routine a notch.  I suggested to Josh that he let Noah push the mower for a few feet with his help.  Well, a few feet turned into the whole yard.  He LOVED it!  I was so completely surprised that he could really do it!  He was a bit wild with getting into the neighbors yards, but he still did a  great job. 

Now we have had to tell him he can't do it every time, which of course breaks his heart.  We told him to wait a few more years till he can really do it all by himself, which I'm sure he won't even want to do at that point! 

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Jennifer said...

Aww! So sweet when boys want to do exactly what their daddys are doing.