Monday, November 08, 2010

George Ranch!

Our homeschool group took a field trip to the George Ranch for their market days event a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately Josh couldn't go with us that day, and I was not about to brave the ranch with the 3 kiddos myself, so I was able to convince my sweet parents to go with us that weekend.  I couldn't have done it without them!
As soon as we got there Wyatt picked some cotton - he LOVED it!  He even asked to go back to pick more cotton cause that was  his favorite part.  I wish I had a video of how he says cotton - so cute - he over pronounces the "t" sound - I just love it.  There are multiple houses and set ups on the ranch, each of a different time period.  And at this event they had live reenactments of battles and people in period costumes teaching about all the different things.  Noah was pretty excited about seeing people with real guns!

The first thing we watched was  a skirmish between some Texans and some Mexicans who came and stole their supplies that had just been delivered.  The actors were REALLY into it.  We kind of thought the whole act was over after they caught the bandits and said they were going to be executed.  Well, 2 feet in front of us they lined the guys up and then "shot" them.  I was horrified!!!  The bad guys slumped to the ground and you should have seen the looks on the boys faces!!  I guess I was probably more disturbed by it than they were, though!  They thought it was pretty cool.  Noah was also really excited to see a real cannon (aka canyon to Noah J), but he just couldn't get over how small it was.

Then we went over to a different house and watched a civil war reenactment.  The house over at this one was just beautiful.  Of course, 2 minutes before the battle starts Annie wants a bottle, so I'm sitting there feeding her just feet away from all these rifles going off - it was total chaos.  And Annie rewarded me for my foolishness by puking all over the both of us! :)  The civil war thing was kind of funny - the yankees came in and stole all the gold from the poor southern ladies in the house and made them all come outside.  Of course the southern boys got the yanks in the end, and made them apologize to the women.  It was too funny.

Later that night Wyatt cracked me up cause he told Josh - "those bad guys get those princesses."  I guess he thinks any girl in a big fluffy dress is a princess!  Noah was in a pretty grumpy mood the whole day, but Wyatt really seemed to like it all.  He even tried playing the hoop and stick game... he was too cute!
I think we will definitely go to the ranch again, although I think I might wait a couple of years!  Guns and babies just don't mix! :)

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