Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My little zombies!

So I always try to buy the boys Halloween jammies - you know how sad you felt on Halloween when you have to take your costume off?  Well, I remember that feeling.  So it is such a nice surprise to have something new and fun to put on!  When I saw these I just knew they had to have them.  Last year Noah found this skeleton zip up sweatshirt thing that he begged for.  Nonstop.  For months!  It was so hideously tacky I just couldn't do it.  But they most certainly have skeleton jammies!  They even glow in the dark - super cute.

Well, in typical Laura fashion I couldn't keep them a secret any longer and actually gave them to the boy the night before!  How can I teach them patience and self control if I don't even have any?  It's a good thing I can control myself at Christmas!

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