Sunday, November 21, 2010

Horse Show!!

First of all, every time I think of the words 'horse show' all I can think of is that SNL skit "Dog Show."  Do you remember it?  With Will Ferrell?  Josh and I have been singing the dog show song this week after the horse show. Anyways, totally not the point of of this! :)

The homeschool group had a fieldtrip to see a horse jumping show (apologies to all horse people out there cause I'm certain I'm just slaughtering all the horse lingo!).  I didn't really think the kids would be into it, but they loved it.  It was a nice and mellow field trip, so it made me happy.  You can even see Annie loved it!
She has been really into sitting up and facing outward these past couple of weeks.  Don't even think about trying to cradle this little baby girl, she will have nothing to do with it!  I really can't believe how quickly she is growing!  She has also discovered chewing on things this week - she even got ahold of Wyatt's stuffed animal and put it in her mouth.  He was just tickled to death, and now keeps bringing her stuffed animals when we leave the house.
After watching a bunch of horses jump there was a nice lady who took the kids on a tour of the stables and they got to pet one of the horses.  They were just beautiful!  I am so seriously not a horse person, but they really are such a beautiful display of God's work, don't ya think?  I was surprised the boys went right up to them, not afraid at all.
They gave the kids a handful of hay and told them they could try eating it, too, just like a horse.  Of course my sons loved it that someone told them they could basically put grass in their mouth.  Wyatt even brought his hay home, in his typical hoarding style! ;)

The trip was such a success it zonked all three of them out on the way home!  I love it!

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