Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pumpkin patch cowboys! (and a cowgirl!)

Years ago we let Noah J wear his cowboy hat, boots, and a cowboy shirt to go to the pumpkin patch in.  Well, now the boys thinks that you MUST wear cowboy clothes to the pumpkin patch.  Enter my parents, who then have to take him to go buy all this stuff, cause there is no way momma is spending that much money!  This year they got all out of control with these adorable shirts, vests, and even teeny tiny wranglers!  They could hardly walk, but they were adorable!

Annie was having a bad night, so we only got a few pics of her.  She then threw up all over Josh and herself, poor thing. 

I'm in love with about a hundred of these pictures!  Can't wait to edit them all and hang them up!

When Joseph got there they were all so completely adorable showing off their cowboy stuff to each other.  I just love it.

 Can you tell this cowboy just got shot down?

And then I am totally in love with this shot of Noah J and his sister - he is so completely in love with her!

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