Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Spooky walk!

Do you remember our first spooky walk?  Well, it is now a Marlatt family tradition! We have been waiting for it to get nice and cold, but it was just slightly cool, so we decided we better take advantage of it while we could!  The kids put on pants and long sleeve shirts..... they were way pumped about this!  We even threw a hat on Annie girl and loaded her up!

This picture cracks me up cause she was just so shocked and amazed with the flash going off on the camera in the dark night!  So funny!  We also had some hot cocoa to take with us, just in case 74 degrees was too cold for anyone! :)
The boys were really funny this year cause they wanted us to take pictures of them with the decorations.  In the past a picture of the stuff by itself was good enough - well, no more!!
They went on to check out some more stuff, but I ended up having to walk back with Annie, in her usual evening grumpiness.  What kind of child does not just doze off when being walked around in the stroller at night?  I seriously don't get it.  At least next year she'll have fun, right?

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