Friday, November 19, 2010

Sick little spud!

Poor Wy is sick today!  He told us last night at dinner that he didn't feel good, but you know kids say that all the time, especially at the dinner table, so we didn't really think much about it.  We had a movie night for Josh's birthday, and five minutes in he was asking to go to bed, so we knew he must really be sick.  Sure enough, he fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow, and it was only 6:00!  He got up an hour later and we checked his temp and it was 104!    So he has been taking it easy at home all day today.  I gave him a "special" bath (you know, when you get to take a bath in momma's tub!  oh so special!), and he looked just oh so pitiful I had to snap a pic of him.  And sweet boy that he is, as soon as he saw the camera he smiled for me!!  I love this little guy.  I got one more shot of him with is normal expression for today....
We're praying for this love bug!

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