Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I love homeschooling!

As crazy and insane as homeschooling makes me, every single day there is a moment where I am just *so* happy that I get to do this with them.  Our science experiments have these great report pages where you print out a picture of the experiment and then the kids narrate what they learned from it.  The first week I didn't take the picture or do the report page, but after I did it one time and put it in his binder he was just in love with it.  And now  I know I have to do this every time.  And really it is a good thing it asks for the pictures, or I would never get the camera out during our school day!
Wyatt's responses to what he learned are just hysterical - for the dilution experiment with koolaid Wyatt's response was "I saw red."  I love it!! :)  And the top picture is our float/sink experiment and Wyatt's answer was "I learned that 2 Cheetos sink in oil."  What is even better about this is that there were no Cheetos involved at all.  To give him some credit, though, they were Fritos and they did sink.  Ha!  I guess that's what you get when a three year old does science work made for a kindergartener!

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