Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Yes, that is the cutest little Jerry mouse ever!  And of course, the world's scariest Darth Maul! 

The boys were so excited to trick or treat, although they did do the trunk or treat with the homeschool group on Friday, so they already had that super excitement level lowered a bit! :) We were so glad it was the slightest bit cooler than it has been, cause both of the costumes were pretty hot.   Josh took the boys himself this year, while I stayed back with Annie girl, since she is so unpredictable at night. But she did look cute as our little Annie ballerina! It was so funny to see him come back carrying the light saber, wyatt's shoes, the camera, and a bag full of candy - he had quite a bit to deal with!  Not so sure he wants to go alone again next year!

She was fussing quite a bit, so we weren't really able to get a great shot of her.  She was not impressed with the whole event - she eventually went inside and fell asleep in the swing!

Noah is such an odd duck - his favorite "treat" he got was a bag full of butterfly crackers from my parents!  I have never met a kid who doesn't like candy.  Wyatt on the other hand has been eating nonstop!

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