Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sleepy peepy

My little baby is so sweet when he's sleeping! Too bad he's not this cuddly cute when he's awake! I didn't have any pics or anything exciting today, so I snuck in his room just now and caught his sleepy cuteness. He's got all the things he loves right there - his froggy, puppy, and blanky. And whats so funny is that he brings them there next to his head - they don't start out that way.

Going in his room at night iss VERY scary, though! Even if you just breathe in his room he wakes up - and every single time he rolls over, sits up, and then puts his arms up into the air and starts moaning - you CANNOT get out of there without picking him up and rocking him for just a few minutes. Not that we mind too much....

We're gonna try having a cup of whole milk instead of formula tomorrow afternoon! Wish us luck!


The Howard Family Blog said...

How did you get him attached to a blanket. I have to admit I just bought Claire ANOTHER blanket. I want her to be attched to something so when I steal her paci very soon she will have something to love on :)

Kelly said...

Hope the switching to milk goes well. We started putting half milk and half formula in Adeline's cups/bottles when she was 11 months. We just kept putting more in until it was all milk and kept giving her less bottles until she was on the cup totally. She had a very smooth transition and was on milk and off bottles before her first birthday! Now, the pacifier is another story..... :-)